Tutorial | Simple & Chic Glowing Peachy Look 

I made my first full tutorial!  Please check the video below: https://youtu.be/WXVYZ5ci02g For skin prep, I used a Miniso hydrating toner and lots and lots of Etude House Pore Clearing Emulsion. It made a load of difference in how my foundation applied! Also, I mix foundation shades because I'm a lot paler now that I... Continue Reading →


Review: Ever Bilena Oval Brush

Over the weekend, I saw and bought this Ever Bilena oval brush on impulse when I saw it at Watsons. It seemed fluffy and soft and I thought I could use it for bronzer and also for blending foundation when I wanted a bigger brush.  The head is about 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches... Continue Reading →

Makeup Tutorial: The Perfect Nude Look

Everybody loves a "nude" look. Because the colors are so neutral, it looks effortlessly beautiful. It's so timeless, versatile, and sophisticated. So here is my version of a nude look, slightly amped up for nighttime: This is how I did the look in this exact order: 1) Skin Prep Honey Ceramide Full Cream Moisturizer Celeteque Brightening... Continue Reading →


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