3 Looks, 1 Palette: Absolute New York Icon Palette

Although I love “pro” and specialty eyeshadow palettes, there’s something to be said about versatile palettes. We always go back to them, we always enjoy them, and our travel bags are never without them! 

ICON Exposed Palette by Absolute New York

And this Absolute New York ICON Exposed Palette is no exception. I was already thinking of the different looks I could do with it from the moment I first saw it! I had so much fun playing with it. And to prove that, I did three different looks using just this one palette! 

Look 1:

Beautifully Basic
Shades used: Ballet, Muted, Nectar, Nude, Java

This look is a basic daytime or nighttime look that brightens and lifts up the face. I think this look is really feminine and pretty — great for a daytime wedding or similar event.

Look 2:

Golden Glam
Shades used: Gilded, Cedar, Nude, Nectar, Toast
Now this look is my absolute favorite. Gilded and Cedar really spoke to me so I used them both for a full glam smokey night look. I swear photos don’t do them justice! Watch my demo and more on this look here. The finish and reflect on these shades are amazing. They also go perfect together. I love this because as I swish my head it goes from gold to khaki to bronze. 

Look 3:

Whimsical Wing
Shades used: Flirt, Slate, Gunmetal, Canvas, Nude, Toast

This look is more fun and spunky in my opinion. I loved creating this look and it was also the easiest to do! I basically just used a damp angled liner brush for the wing, and just wiped it on my arm every time I switched colors. This is also especially flattering for hooded eyes or heavy eyelids as the dark portion of the wing is concentrated only on the outer half of the eye. This will pull out and lift your eyes. I also used a blending brush to lay down the base and define the socket. 

And I know I can still do several looks more with this palette. It’s just such a versatile palette and easy to use too. The formula has a good balance of color payoff and blendability. The mattes are not incredibly pigmented, but it’s also really easy to build them. In my opinion, the shimmers and metallics are the standout shades in the palette. My favorites are definitely Gilded and Cedar.

Absolute New York Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Exposed

Speaking of shades, here are the swatches of the Icon Exposed Palette (primed with the NYX flesh-toned eyeshadow base):

From L-R: Ballet, Muted, Canvas, Toast, Nude, Nectar, Gilded, Cedar, Flirt, Java, Slate, Gunmetal

I was pleasantly surprised that the brush that it comes with is even usable! It’s a soft dual-ended duo-fiber brush. One end is for packing while the other is for blending. Because it’s duo-fiber it doesn’t pick up a lot of product so it’s best for soft smoky looks but if this is your first palette and you don’t have any eyeshadow brushes, this would be perfect.

I honestly can’t believe that this palette is only P899. The packaging is sleek and sturdy, the shades are tastefully selected, and the formula is creamy and easy to use. It REALLY performs like a high-end palette. My only gripe with this palette is, I wish there was just one more transition shade aside from Nude. But still, you can’t beat the price and performance. 

I highly, highly recommend this palette to anyone looking for an affordable and versatile palette.

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This is a collaboration with Absolute New York Cosmetics Philippines. I loved their products before and I reached out to them because I love their products and not the other way around. All opinions are my own and the content I created is entirely my own idea.*


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