Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette Review & Swatches

I’ve had the Zoeva Concealer Spectrum palette for around a month now. I got it from Sephora for P2273 or around $40USD, while in the Zoeva website it retails for €21.80. I purchased it for my pro kit as my first concealer palette. 

Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette
It has 6 cool and warm flesh-toned shades, 1 yellow corrector, 1 apricot corrector, and 1 white transformer shade. 

Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette
Like all Zoeva palettes, it comes in a sleek cardboard packaging. Light, elegant, practical and no-frills. 

According to their website, its claims are the following:

…the ZOEVA Concealer Spectrum Palette instantly camouflages under eye darkness, conceals discoloration, spots and blemishes. The kit comes equipped with nine highly pigmented concealer hues for easy color-matching and custom blended shades. Airy on the skin and enhanced with vitamin E, the creamy texture improves the complexion with every wear and provides exceptional spot treatment to full coverage, resulting in an impeccable makeup finish.

So they claim you can use it on both your undereyes and blemishes, as a corrector and as a concealer. I was skeptical but I trust Zoeva based on my experience with their products so I bit the bullet.

So now let’s talk about the formula. The formula is dry and waxy as you would expect from a cream concealer, but not too dry and waxy that it doesn’t blend out. It also feels more powdery the more I blend it out. 

Yellow corrector shade on undereyes, apricot corrector shade on pigmentation on cheeks, with NYX HD Studio Concealer on top. No foundation.

I have used it to correct dark circles and dark spots and I have to say, it worked!! 😱 I used the yellow shade to correct my very dark and very purple undereyes, then the apricot shade to correct my hyperpigmentation. I have dry skin but I experienced no additional dryness whatsoever on my undereyes and I was even able to bake! I hydrated with a full cream moisturizer and eye cream as I always do and it worked really well. I would dare to say it worked even better  than when I use the Benefit Erase Paste!

Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette Swatches
However I tend to use a liquid concealer on top of it instead of just using another shade from the palette because none of the shades match my skin tone and I haven’t been able to mix the shades to match me. I have used 1 shade alone on top of blemishes for a client and there was good coverage and staying power. 

I have noticed that it works best over bare skin or a matte foundation, as a dewy formula tends to sheer it out as you blend. It stays put when set with powder over bare skin as you can see in this video:

Another thing that’s missing is a green corrector and I wish they had it but I guess they chose the white shade instead of it which is more uncommon and also makes more sense if you mix shades. 

Overall, I’d say it’s definitely a great buy if you’re a makeup artist. It’s a good formula, with full coverage, good staying power, with travel-friendly packaging. It’s good value for money as you have correctors, and you can also custom-mix your own shade so you might not have to use a corrector anymore and just mix the right undertones together. 

If you’re not a makeup artist however, you’re probably better off with a smaller palette with just the color correctors inside and a cream concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone like the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage for high-end and the Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer on the drugstore end. 

And that’s my Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette review. I hope this helps you and until next time!


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