The Shower Silk Skin Routine

I tried out the new Shower Silk Skin routine from Phyto 5. It is a two-step routine involving two products: Le gommage zen, a body exfoliation gel, and Le Phyt’acid, a shower gel. 

Le gommage zen and Le Phyt’acid

Le gommage zen is the star of this routine as it is a natural and Swiss made “super hydrating” body exfoliation that “gives the skin an instant silk effect.” It has amazing ingredients such as shea butter, bamboo, and lotus which exfoliate your skin naturally while also locking in moisture. It also has orange, ilang-ilang, and guaiac essential oils to soothe the skin. Le Phyt’acid is a cleansing gel for the face and body that is suitable even for sensitive skins. The claims sound really good and made me excited to try the product immediately!

Le gommage zen and Le Phyt’acid in clear containers

The instructions were to massage Le gommage zen first on to dry skin and cleanse with Le Phyt’acid. These were the instructions per bottle:

Le gommage zen: 

Apply a small amount to dry skin. Massage lightly. Rinse thoroughly. 1-2 times a week.

Le Phyt’acid: 

Apply on wet face and/or body once or twice a day. Avoid the eyes. Rinse well.

I first used just a coin-sized amount of the exfoliating gel all over my body and was able to cover it satisfactorily but I felt that I could use more if I wanted to. The product felt thick and sticky but spread very easily. It had microbeads that were very fine and non-irritating. It felt slightly oily and hydrating, as if you were applying a dry oil all over your body. I loved the fragrance! It had a light citrusy scent that smelled fresh and soothing. As I grew up with ilang-ilang here in the Philippines, I could detect its fragrance on the product and loved it. I definitely felt relaxed and invigorated as I massaged the product onto the skin.

Next, I cleansed with Le Phyt’acid. The shower gel was clear, thinner and runny, similar to a clear shampoo. It had a stronger citrusy fragrance than the exfoliating gel but it wasn’t overwhelming at all and smelled fresh and fruity. I am sensitive to fragrance so I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t irritate my nose at all. After a quick rinse under the shower, I applied the gel all over my body as usual and it didn’t lather too much but it easily removed the microbeads that had clung to my skin. It also wasn’t drying at all. It didn’t reduce the hydration that I had gotten from Le gommage zen. I felt thoroughly cleansed but still well-moisturized afterwards. 

After the shower, my skin felt so smooth, soft, and supple. Did it give my skin an “instant silk effect”? Surprisingly, yes! I feel like the “Shower Silk Skin” routine is definitely an appropriate name for this routine. It was very relaxing AND effective and I thoroughly enjoyed the products.


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