6-peso Keratin & Argan Oil Shampoo That Works

First of all, in my entire life, I have never found my Holy Grail shampoo. In fact, I don’t have a regular shampoo. I always switch shampoos because after using them for several times, it either stops “working” as I expected, or my scalp gets irritated. I have dry, damaged hair, with a dry and itchy scalp, and a LOT of hairfall. So I always look for moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t irritate my scalp. But it’s not that easy to find products that claim to moisturize or repair damaged hair that aren’t too heavy or irritating on the scalp. I also get allergic reactions to certain fragrances, so I also don’t like using any products with a heavy fragrance. When I do find hair products that work for me, they are simply too expensive!

So when Symply G or Symply Gorgeous approached me to try out their keratin & argan oil shampoo and conditioner, I was understandably skeptical about whether they would work for me. But ever since trying it out the first time, I’ve been using it constantly for the past week and a half and my hair loves it! 

First of all, their products don’t have a strong fragrance. I love that. Some products make me sneeze from the first whiff so I was very happy about that. Second of all, it was truly very moisturizing. The shampoo is creamy and thick and although it lathers a lot, it also feels like oil. The conditioner feels light enough for daily use, which I also love, as most conditioners are too thick for me and exacerbate my dandruff and scalp irritation. I find the results on my hair similar to the results I get when using Dove’s , minus the irritating fragrance and itchy scalp. So it’s not just a dupe, but for me it is actually better.

My hair is noticeably softer, smoother, and shinier. Of course it doesn’t prevent dandruff and itching as it isn’t supposed to anyway, but it doesn’t worsen it and in fact helps remove the dry flakes stuck to my scalp. I still do a scalp cleanse and treatment once in a while, but my hair is definitely no longer a hot mess!

After ONE use of Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner

Above you can see my before and after one use of the Symply G shampoo and conditioner. There’s a lot less frizz and a lot more shine. Trivia: I don’t comb or brush my hair. So what you see there is how it looks without any other intervention whatsoever. In the first picture, my curls are slightly more defined because I put it up in a bun on the day of the photo while in the 2nd I had it in a pony tail most of the day instead — because I was feeling my hair!

Some additional notes in case you’re interested, the conditioner is sulfate-free, but the shampoo isn’t. The products retail for P6 pesos a pack, so 1 pair of shampoo and conditioner will set you back by only P12 pesos. A pack of each has 22ml and lasts me 3 uses or more, which makes it extremely affordable in comparison to other products with keratin and argan oil.

I would definitely recommend for you to try it! Try out a pack for 12 pesos and see for yourself if it works for your hair concerns.  


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