Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Eyeshadows Review

One of my favorite makeup products to use is a cream eyeshadow. They are so easy to apply plus you can use them both as a base and as a regular eyeshadow. 

With that said, I think one of the best cream eyeshadows in the market is the Maybelline 24hr color tattoo. I only have 3 shades at the moment, not by choice, but because there are only very limited quantities available in the Philippines. But let me tell you now, I want to collect every single shade!

The formula is like a stiff cream that sets very dry, so it isn’t very “creamy” at all. To be honest, I didn’t like the formula at first because I didn’t know then how best to use it. After several uses, I’ve figured out that the best way to apply it is to use fingers and then buff its edges with a stiff (stiff but not scratchy) synthetic blending brush such as the Sigma E40 or a MAC 217 or a Real Techniques Crease Brush or any small circular buffing synthetic brush. Don’t use a natural bristle brush because you will probably destroy it. I also can’t use a flat synthetic brush with their formula because it just doesn’t pick up enough product. You need to warm it up and swirl your finger or brush in there first to get enough product. 

I have the shades Bad to the Bronze, Asphalt, and Chocolate Suede. These are their swatches:

Maybelline Color Tattoo Swatches (top to bottom): Bad to the Bronze, Asphalt, Chocolate Suede

My favorite ways to use them are as a base and as an all over lid color for a one-color eyeshadow look. On my eyelids, I don’t need to prime or set them at all and they last the entire day without fading or creasing. As a base, they add depth to eyeshadows placed on top, prevent them from creasing and make them last longer. I have dry skin and dry eyelids so they just go best on my bare skin. If you have oily lids, you may find it helpful to use a light mattifying primer first before going in with the Maybelline Color Tattoo. 

In the Philippines they retail for around P349 each. It’s not that inexpensive for a single shadow but it is cheap relative to other cream eyeshadows of the same quality. I think they are well worth their price and I will definitely purchase as many shades as I can!


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